Sometimes thoughts can only be thoughts but not words written or typed. I’ve always had trouble expressing my feelings or more importantly my thoughts. I can never find the right attitude and words to transfer the information. Sometimes I wish we have those tentacles that can help us achieve the accuracy of our communication. Either accuracy of facts or feelings or logics. As one of the great philosophers ever said: it’s all about language. The reason I write here is to have audience no one survives without an audience. If you are reading this please bear with me my lack of rhetorics and crude languages.


wakeful dreams — Arthur Danto

For several years, I have been working with a formulation of ‘the aesthetic’ that goes back to its origins as the opposite of ‘anaesthetic’ or numbness. From this perspective, aesthetic comes to mean ‘enlivened being’. This not only turns the contemporary usage of ‘aesthetic’, as something rather cosmetic and superficial, on its head, but links such ‘enlivened being’ to responsibility, not as a moral imperative, but to response-ability, or the ability to respond! So this overcoming of numbness and enlivening of being can engage one, make one internally active, mobilize people’s imagination. ….. Both (Joseph Beuys and Bertold Brecht) emphasized in different ways. Both developed a range of strategies that seek to mobilize us internally, to disrupt: to scratch on the imagination’ as Beuys often put it, enabling us to become internally active and engaged. — Foreword by Shelly Sacks for the book What Is Art by Joseph Beuys edited with essays Volker Harlan


Forget the conventional idea of art. Anyone can be an artist. Anything can be art especially anything that conserves energy. This is the short cut for Art. — Joesph Beuys

The purpose of Art is not to decorate our apartments but to be used against our enemy. — Picasso

But who is the enemy.